29 November 2019

Posting our letters to Santa!

Everyone was excited to post their letters to Father Christmas! I hope he replies to you all.

14 November 2019

Toasting marshmallows!

What better to do on a rainy, drizzly Monday than light a fire and toast marshmallows! This is one of our 100 Memorable Events, and as you can imagine it was very much enjoyed by the children.

31 October 2019

Visit from the firemen!

This afternoon we had a visit from the Norfolk Fire Service. They told us all about how they fight fires and assist the other emergency services. They also told us how we can stay safe. We got to look at their uniform, and Ms Paterson even got to try it on! Next, we looked at the thermal imaging camera which was very exciting.

Then, the really fun bit! We got to look at all of the equipment on the engine and even got to sit inside. Finally, we even had a go at squirting the hose. It was brilliant afternoon.