12 September 2019

Rainbow challenges

The children have been really enjoying our independent playful learning rainbow challenges. I have seen some wonderful 'Fire' role play which I am sure will develop further as we learn more about The Great Fire of London next week.

Here are a few pictures....

Wizzy goes to London!

Welcome to the Rabbits blog for 2019-20

As part of our new topic London's Burning we started finding out about London today. Mrs Lewis and Wizzy (our phonics wizard) took a trip to London on Wednesday. The children were very keen to see the pictures and watch the video clips. We have also been comparing how London today is very different to London in the past. 

Wizzy had a very busy, tiring day exploring, and had lots to tell us when he returned to our class.

11 July 2019

Memorable Event - Treasure Hunt

Our Pirate Day Treasure Hunt

We've had such a fantastic Pirate Day in Rabbits class today!  When we got back from assembly, there was a letter in the classroom.  It was from Pirate Glitterbeard who was trying to find treasure in the school but he fell off the climbing frame and had to go to hospital.  He asked us to finish his mission for him.  Of course we said yes!

We had to complete team games to win jigsaw pieces.  Our team games were:

 - making a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti
 - seeing who could make the longest paper chain from just one piece of paper.
 - making an unsinkable ship to transport our treasure.
 - creating a bridge between two desks out of just newspaper and masking tape so a car can travel across.

They were ever so fun.  AND - we learned some important team work skills.

Do you know what? We completed every single channel.  Each time we completed a challenge we got a piece of map with a clue on it to find our next challenge.  Joey then put the pieces together and we found the treasure.  It was in the classroom the whole time!  It was a craft pieces for an afternoon of pirate craft fun!

We made hats and iced biscuits.  We didn't have time to make the parrots so we will do that tomorrow.

But we had a fantastic day - and don't we look like scary pirates!!

Rabbits Class.