17 February 2020

Australia Day!

Here is a little taste of our Australia Day!

We dressed up, made anzac biscuits, decorated a huge Aboriginal totem pole and finished off the day with smoothies and dancing to Kylie Minogue! A very fun end to a busy half term.

Mmmmm smoothies!


Anzac biscuits

Rocking out to Kylie Minogue! 

Kylie & Danni! 

6 February 2020

Aboriginal dot painting

We have been learning about Aboriginal artwork and explored the technique of dot painting. The children used 'earth' colours to create their own boomerang designs.

24 January 2020

Reinventing The Gruffalo!

After learning the story The Gruffalo the children have begun adapting it to create their own version. They enjoyed thinking of words that rhymed with gruffalo for their new character and wrote some excellent rhyming sentences. Here are a few examples...