18 September 2018

Our toys!

Today we brought our own toys in from home to share. We took it in turns to speak to the class about our favourite toy. 

This is the start of our history work, comparing today's toys with those from the past. Thank you to everyone who shared their toys. More work on this tomorrow. 

We will look at toys from the past next week with the help of parents and grandparents. 

6 September 2018


Welcome to the new Rabbits class blog!

Over the year we will try to get as many photos on here as possible. 
Here is the children's collaborative work from our transition days in July. Do pop in and have a look for yourselves. 

Our Reading Area

If you have any questions please do feel free to have a chat or make an appointment if you need to. 

See you soon, 

Mrs Key & Mrs Checa
Mrs Neve, Mrs Noble & Mrs Grottick