22 October 2020

Our Self portraits.

Wow! What fabulous portraits these are! Can you tell who is who in Rabbits?

We learned about the colour wheel- how to mix secondary colours from primary colours.
Also we looked at how to make different shades, tints and tones of a colour using black and white.


5 October 2020

Welcome to Rabbits Class 2020-21

Welcome to Rabbits Class 2020-21

Hello and welcome to our blog. We will try to provide some photos of our wonderful learning and experiences this year.

Firstly, just a reminder that Mrs Key is in class on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Ms Paterson is in class on Thursdays and Fridays. We are also available to chat on the phone. You can leave a message with the office or email info@bressingham.norfolk.sch.uk

This week we wanted to show you our classroom so you can picture the children's learning space!

Our Science board - all about how we change as we grow, and similarities we have to our family. 

Our classroom:

Wellbeing ideas we have shared...

29 March 2020


We have been learning about different habitats and how animals adapt to where they live. The children enjoyed selecting their own animal to research. Using the information they gathered about their animal and where it lives they made habitat boxes. They look amazing!

16 March 2020

Banham Zoo visit

On Thursday, we enjoyed a visit from Banham Zoo. Ellie spoke to us about Australian animals and also introduced us to some of her friends from the zoo. Many of the children were keen to hold the animals and some not so keen!

Keith and Mark the hissing cockroaches.

The huge stick insects Lily and Lois...


Meet Pop the bearded dragon!


This is the how big a crocodile can be! Wow!

The African land snails...