23 May 2019

Looking for signs of spring!

In our science earlier this term, we spent some time looking for signs of winter turning into spring.  We went on a walk around the school grounds to see what we could notice.  When we come back after half term we shall look for signs that we are now (hopefully) in summer.  Here are some photos of us on our adventure. 

We also completed a weather diary for 5 days noticing things like the temperature, rainfall and cloud cover.  The children particularly enjoyed writing about what people should wear each day!  The weather diaries are hanging up in the classroom.

Memorable Event - Read a book then watch a film

Yesterday we ticked off another memorable event in class - reading a book and then watching a film.

We read two Katie Morag stories and then watched each story as an episode from Cbeebies.  We looked for similarities and differences between the book and what we saw on screen and found that sometimes the story changed slightly between the two.

The Isle of Struay on film looks very similar to the illustrations in the book.  We are now using the map of the Isle of Struay as inspiration for our own island design.

20 May 2019

Memorable Event - Learn to sew

We have been working on our sewing projects for many weeks now and last week we were finally able to send the finished puppets home!

The children worked very hard to first design what they were going to make, then sew felt together to create the hand puppet.  Lastly, and the best bit for many, they decorated their puppet as close to their design as possible.

They have also evaluated their design and talked about what they learned from the experience.

Here are some of the finished puppets as well as some action photos!  We hope they are being enjoyed at home!  And the children are very proud of themselves for their perseverance and pleased that they have learned a new skill.

18 March 2019

Framlingham Castle

Today we went to Framlingham Castle and had an excellent time! 

The weather stayed kind to us and the children had lots of fun. We visited the museum and learnt about life at the time of a working castle; we walked around the inside of the moat and then stormed the castle - all before lunch! 

After lunch we went in groups around the outer high walls of the castle, and had a great view of everything around us. 

Thanks to the children for being so well behaved and thanks to the helpers. 

12 March 2019

World Book Day

The children had a lovely World Book Day!  Their costumes were amazing and they enjoyed finding out all about the different characters their classmates came as.  It was business as usual in the morning but the children loved wearing their costumes whilst doing maths and English activities.  After lunch, the whole school went into the hall to hear which stories were being shared by the adults before choosing which one they would love to listen to.  Later on, we made bookmarks and enjoyed a class story of our own.  Such a lovely day celebrating reading and books with people all over the world.  And thank you for all the effort that was put into the costumes!

Mrs Savage